StructionSite is an US-based startup that creates digital worksite models through 360º cameras that provide data to its software, which digitalizes and documents worksite progress.

Through the user’s position, ‘Computer Vision,’ and ‘Machine Learning’ technology, StructionSite’s software processes, analyzes, and creates images of the worksite to identify key elements and evaluate advancements.

Structionsite streamlines a project’s construction phase by reducing the time to calculate progress and obtaining the contextualized information to enable strategic decision-making and improved coordination between the actors involved. This solution offers deep differential value by providing support on a web-based platform and mobile application, combined with ease of use and integration with other tools to streamline the pace of information.


Feb 26, 2019

The 6th annual construction technology report

In 2017, JBKNOWLEDGE published their Construction Technology Report and mention StructionSite as one of the technologies disrupting current workflows and driving innovation in the construction industry.