SAALG provides the first and only software that uses machine learning algorithms to empower the entire construction value chain.

SAALG Geomechanics is an engineering firm and a software provider specialized in real time data analysis, advanced numerical solutions and soil & rock parameters characterization by backanalysis. SAALG provides the first and only software that uses machine learning algorithms to empower the entire construction value chain to validate, control and optimize construction projects in real-time.

Through the different pilots carried out, guided by CEMEX Ventures with its network of clients and key professionals of the industry, CEMEX verifies that its solution supposes an increase in the agility of validation of new concepts on a small scale, without affecting the business of the day a day.

Technology, optimizes the foundation in civil works projects. Definitely, it offers improvements in our value chain and a wider service to the market. SAALG Geomechanics strengthens its position as a bridge between geomechanics and the construction industry by launching various pilots, as well as collaborations with companies in the sector:

1. Launches its expansion in Latin America, achieving success cases in Colombia and Guatemala. The pilots have made them secure clients and also allowed them to have numerous doors open to help position themselves as leaders in analysis and innovation within the construction industry.

2. Won the Deutsche Bahn contest that gave them access to the realization of a pilot with the German company. This new project opens a news door to SAALG, which means strengthen their European presence.

3. SAALG collaborated on a new project that has allowed them to apply their technology in the control of excavations and theoretical quantification of potential savings of the construction procedure. From this analysis, the possibility of removing a whole line of provisional struts from the excavation was characterized.

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    Nov 04, 2019

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    The ‘Start up’ EXPANSION Awards bring together more than a hundred representatives of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona and recognize 18 emerging companies that are positioning themselves among the most promising in Spain.

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