A leading technology company for construction robotics, focusing on delivering intelligent robotic solutions for building industry to bridge the gap between building information model (BIM) and robotic motion planning. RoboticPlus. AI invented a modularized construction robot algorithm and software to satisfy the construction industry’s needs of mass customization and flexible production.

RoboticPlus is based on three core technologies: The first software platform that connects BIM data with robot motion control in China, a powerful algorithm library that widely covers diverse workmanship in the construction field, and a simple, fast, and easy-to-use robot interaction system.

In less than three years, the customer growth rate of RoboticPlus is up to 500%, and its market share ranks first in China. Now RoboticPlus has reached long-term cooperation with dozens of construction manufacturing enterprises, providing intelligent robot manufacturing solutions including wood, steel, glass, fiber and other composite materials. It has improved the level of automation and intelligence of construction factories , guaranteed the quality and accuracy of prefabricated building components and broaden the manufacturing capabilities of these construction enterprises. RoboticPlus teamed up with cooperative factories and has provided high-quality intelligent construction solutions for customers including the government, well-known real estate developers and architectural firms, taking the lead in realizing the digitized intelligent manufacturing of D to M(design to manufacturing) in the construction industry.

In April 2020, RoboticPlus completed a round of financing of nearly 50 million yuan, leading in the track of intelligent construction. At present, RoboticPlus has served a number of large-scale state-owned and local enterprises, including China Construction, China Communications Construction, China building materials, Sany Heavy Industry, Shandong Luqiao, Kunlun green construction, Zhejiang construction engineering real estate, Nantong Three Construction, Jindi group, Poly Group, Hong Kong land, Longhu real estate, Cheng’an real estate, Fengyuzhu and other construction head customers, as well as KUKA and Fanuc Achieve long-term strategic cooperation. RoboticPlus has set up and presided over the intelligent construction laboratory in Zhejiang University, and has also set up cooperative laboratories in international top universities such as South China University of technology, Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University and Tamkang University, TKU.

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