startup construction
Hardware and software platform to assemble turnkey backyard cottages and sustainable residential buildings




NODE is focused on reducing the biggest cost in construction: labor.

They have created novel hardware and software to assemble homes super-fast. Every piece of their technology starts with this question: how do we scale high quality, sustainable homes to redefine homebuilding?

It starts with the front-end systems that make designing, visualizing, ordering, and tracking your new home online intuitive and easy. Next is the hardware and software that underpin their business and will drive margins unseen in this industry.

Their unique technology will turn construction into an assembly, and maintenance hassles into a worry-free home. And while they’re prototyping building systems for backyard cottages today, their system is being designed for three stories and beyond so that we can serve the single-family and multi-family markets as they grow.

By changing the way in which it is built, we can impact the housing shortage and deliver sustainable, healthy, well-designed homes at a lower cost than conventional construction.


They are also bringing sustainability mainstream by developing and testing systems for the ultimate, attainable and sustainable homes that include state-of-the-art building envelopes, non-toxic materials, rainwater capture, storage, and purification, solar and energy storage, and low impact and easy to install foundation system option.


They are making the whole process super easy for consumers by moving as much of the experience online as possible, and we solve the deepest pain points for consumers by guaranteeing cost. The whole process is easy, transparent, and fun.