Tool for tracking people, materials, machines and carbon emissions on construction and mining sites, helping companies save time, increase profits and reduce waste.

Hypervine is a lightweight mobile application that uses a combination of innovative technologies and methodologies making it easy for construction and mining companies to track operations, become more agile and use the data to better plan for the future as well as access a detailed understanding of their carbon footprint.

Using mobile apps, integrating with IOT devices and remote sensing techniques Hypervine is able to capture accurate and detailed construction data from a variety of sources to create a digital twin of construction operations on site.

The Hypervine dashboard gives directors, managers and planners a real time view of operations such as operatives, materials and machines on site as well as carbon emissions produced by construction and mining sites. The data captured is stored on a tamper-evident site ledger and can be easily integrated or aligned with BIM, project management or FM tools. This ensures that the construction site data is trustworthy, accurate and secure.


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