Digitization, optimization and automation of work processes across the entire building lifecycle for an autonomous self-building future, unifying all project stakeholders on a single integrated platform for better data sharing

Hubble is the market leader in construction data analytics. Hubble’s suite of fully integrated software automates the entire range of construction processes on-site that have traditionally been accomplished mostly via manual processes. This covers the four Ms of contractors’ operations, namely the management of workforce (Man), construction equipment (Machinery), construction inputs (Materials), and capital flows (Money). By deploying, tracking, optimising, and automating the management of the 4Ms, Hubble improves capabilities across scheduling, resource deployment, and management of productivity, overtime, quality, safety, and more, all via simple dashboards and apps that are usable by both contractors’ ground personnel and head office. As an open platform built on a common data environment, Hubble also allows for the integration of third-party software and hardware and allows developers and contractors to seamlessly connect and share data to create a single source of truth across the entire project lifecycle.


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