Realtime ready mix concrete management platform, tracking slump, volume & surplus. Connects jobsites where concrete surplus occurs to customers locally.





Leveraging innovative hardware & advanced data analytics, Cloud Cycle aims to reduce waste, drastically improve productivity and lower the carbon footprint of the global concrete industry.

Their platform provides realtime insights into wet ready mix concrete loads, suggesting and automating interventions to ensure concrete remains within specification & helps to avoid wastage where possible. If surplus is identified, their platform automatically identifies a local customer that is able to use the surplus load.

All this is done leveraging an innovative business model that is delivered as a service meaning no installation, equipment or maintenance costs for concrete operators & drastically discounted concrete for end customers.

They believe they can save the industry billions through efficiencies, create a new global surplus concrete market place and can help to reduce up to 0.5% of global CO2 emissions.