KNOWIFY: “we wouldn´t be where we are if it weren´t for this competition!”

Knowify, a New York based startup and winner of Construction Startup Competition 2018, helps small contractors digitally transform their businesses by making their workflows more efficient. We invited their CEO, Marc Visent, to share his experience as a Contech entrepreneur and his participation in the competition.

Take a look at Knowify´s interview:


What makes Knowify´s digitalization software different to other tools in the industry?

Most solutions for the construction industry focus on the construction process. We actually focus on the back office, on the business side of a contracting firm. We want contractors to run a contracting firm as if they were business owners.


How is the current situation with COVID-19 affecting your usual activity?

With COVID, the industry is accelerating the transformation process and it´s becoming more and more digital. Before, we use to hear very often from contractors “we´ve been running our business the same way for the last twenty years, we don´t want to change”. This is gone; no one will ever tell you that anymore. The world has changed, construction has changed, and small contractors have to change to adjust their business to the new reality.

Knowify participated in 2018 when they were barely beginning in their fundraising process. Being a finalist helped them develop their pitch and evolve the general idea of their business.

Marc Visent said that “this is likely the best competition in Contech in the world, so it´s certainly something you don’t want to miss. The big players and VCs are paying attention to this. If you have the opportunity to join and get to the final, just do it!” What are you waiting for? Deadline closes on July 26. Apply now!