Meet the Winners: Construction Startup Competition 2019

  • Construction Startups

It’s crunch time for new challenge Construction Startup 2019. The moment of truth has finally arrived with #CXVPitchday, where the ten finalists, striving to make their mark in the construction industry, will pitch their projects to an expert panel of judges.

Startups from more than 71 countries around the world took part in the competition, with the US, Mexico, Colombia, the UK and Egypt standing out for their exceptionally high levels of participation. A total of ten winning startups were selected and are active in:

  • Intelligent traceability for increasing efficiency in construction processes. (France)
  • Artificial gravel produced entirely using recycled plastics, making it three times lighter and ten times more insulating than conventional gravel. (Argentina)
  • Real time management of heavy equipment and logistics for complex construction projects and their supply chains. (USA)
  • Predictive analysis platform that leverages a project’s historical data and builds precise estimates for new construction and development projects. (USA)
  • Tracking system for construction materials that digitalizes the supply chain. (Australia)
  • Codification and automation tool for complying with construction regulations.   (UK)
  • SaaS solution for project documentation and communication in the construction and real estate sectors. (Austria)
  • Automation in the prefabrication of reinforced cages using industrial robots.  (Norway)
  • Intelligent, end-to-end platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and  Machine Learning to mitigate risk and enable pre-construction teams to build competitive quotes. (USA)
  • Modular design construction company that applies disruptive and patentable technology (steel and cement). (Canada)

At #CXVPitchday, which takes place July 18 in Monterrey, Mexico, the ten winning startups will take to the stage and introduce their solutions to some of the construction industry’s biggest challenges. They will do so in front of a panel of judges made up of experts and leaders in construction, technology and investing, among other sectors.  

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