CEMEX Ventures’ Pitchday 2019. Why Monterrey?

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This year we will celebrate CEMEX Ventures’ Pitchday 2019 in Monterrey (Mexico) on July 18th, where we will create the best showcase for the winners of Construction Startup Competition 2019. The most promising solutions of this competition will pitch their projects to a jury and audience formed by experts and a public interested in construction, technology, and investment among other disciplines.

We acknowledge CEMEX Ventures’ Pitchday 2019 as the key jumping-off point for the most innovative startups in the construction industry. The main international companies, industry experts and potential investors will create a unique atmosphere together with the selective jury, speaker and audience.

In 2018 we set up Pitchday in Madrid (Spain) and in 2019 we bet on Monterrey (Mexico) as the axis of this event.

Why Monterrey?

Monterrey is a city with an approximate population of 4 million and is considered an important business center in Mexico. The tech sector in Monterrey has seen significant changes in a short period of time, where the rapid business growth, of both startups and conglomerates, has given a significant influence to its economy.

Numerous accelerators, incubators, investors and venture capital companies began to participate and invest in Monterrey’s tech sector until an optimal ecosystem has been created in this city.

Monterrey has a community of more than 300 technology startups with high levels of performance in areas such as software development, e-commerce and FinTech. It is not by chance that these technologies are at the cutting edge in very important nodes of innovation and investment such as San Francisco, Silicon Valley or New York.

We clearly know why Monterrey is the city to celebrate CEMEX Ventures’ Pitchday 2019:

  • More than 300 technology companies are based in Monterrey and are committed to develop their services there.
  • More than 28,000 jobs were generated by tech companies and startups.
  • Over 1 million dollars of investment in tech companies and startups in recent years.
  • About 35 million dollars of investment from venture capital and local companies in companies or startups based in Mexico and around the world.

When are we going to Monterrey?

If you are a construction startup, you can apply to Construction Startup Competition 2019, the biggest global challenge for construction entrepreneurs. More information here: https://cemexventures.com/construction-startup-competition/