IPSUM: “This competition is the place to be!”

It´s been three years since IPSUM was proclaimed the winner of Construction Startup Competition 2017. In this interview with Franco Giaquinto, IPSUM´s Co-founder and CEO, he reminisces on his participation on the first edition of the competition and invites all Contech startups to apply and join this year´s call. Like he says, it is indeed “the place to be” for all Contech entrepreneurs.

IPSUM is a Chilean startup that developed a SaaS for scheduling and planning construction projects based on lean construction and BIM. Its clientele is focused on Latin America and are currently working to enter the American and Canadian market. Take a look at Franco´s interview to learn from the startup and their journey in this competition:

What are the advantages of implementing lean and BIM technologies in your solutions?

Lean is a methodology that is focused on reducing waste. How can we do the same with less resources or not waste resources at all. How wan we build a step by step methodology, so we don’t lose track of time or leave an activity unattended, not knowing if we need any materials, machinery, documents, any R5. It’s just about looking ahead, understanding what’s coming and being able to release all the constraints and potential hazards you have and building a reliable plan for you.


How did being a finalist in Construction Startup Competition 2017 helped your business?

The competition allowed us to be part o the ecosystem, be known and get some visibility. After that, we got featured by CB insights as one of the top 100 Construction Tech Startups. It also helped understand what was going on in different countries, and the experience of knowing other founders from different ages, backgrounds, cultures as super exciting.


What´s your recommendation for this year´s participants?

Bring your A game! The competition is getting harder and harder because the level is rising up, which I think is amazing and it should never stop. And, be open! Be open to share what you’re building, your knowledge and experience. Network with other founders because they will bring some knowledge into your startup and into your team. Network with everyone! VCs, CVCs, directors, CEMEX Ventures people and other startups, that´s the best way to go.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity” expressed Franco Giaquinto in his interview. Don´t let this experience fly! Applications for Construction Startup Competition 2020 are open until July 26. Apply now!