Sobre Nosotros – 2021

Impulsamos la revolución de la construcción al trabajar con startups de construcción, emprendedores, universidades y otras entidades interesadas en la industria.



To bring new, innovative and engaging solutions to the construction industry we have identified six market-driven opportunity areas.

Smart cities and buildings

Build the metropolises of the future by promoting smart cities and buildings with the best resource efficiency. Offer solutions based on crowd-powered & resilient cities, new energy sources, a suitable asset management and assure a proper demolition

Project design & engineering

Optimize the construction project design and specification process with innovative solutions for the design, engineering and planning. Provide the industry suitable techniques and tools to maximize a construction project’s efficiency and quality.

Supply chain management

Help the key actors of the industry to obtain suitable goods and services at the right place and time they need. Drive the construction industry by optimizing resource sourcing, fleet tracking and inventory management.

Project & jobsite management

Improve productivity, efficiency and the quality of the construction work through a connected & monitored jobsite. Boost labor optimization, develop responsive construction schedules and enhance working capital cycle improvement.

Innovative building materials & construction methods

Build with the materials and methods of the future. Upgrade the way the industry works with smart materials, innovative construction methods and new technologies that empower cheaper, faster and better performing developments.

Investment & financing

Offer solutions to ensure capital needs from large developments to self-builders. Scale new financial sources, optimize loan & credit management and foster new transparency standards in the construction ecosystem.


For us fostering the construction revolution is more than investing, we engage with startups to build a journey towards success.


When you are part of the CEMEX Ventures family you have access to commercialization and expansion anchored on deep relationships within the construction industry with an unmatched global & local network.


Capital Investment

Smart money to promote your continued growth and connect with potential investors.

Commercialization & Expansion.

oporte de CEMEX

r tu solución.

Feedback and insights from our Expert Network, from industry experts to CEMEX Ventures Team.

Leverage CEMEX Global Network


  • 1

    e sorprenderá!

  • 2

    Test your solution with real customers

  • 3

    Receive industry feedback and CEMEX experience.

  • 4

    Prospect new markets.

  • 5

    Investment in your startup.

  • 6

    Launch joint media campaigns for milestones.

  • 7

    Pilot/implement your project.

  • 8

    Get feedback from industry Experts.

  • 9

    nivel mundial.

  • 10

    Support to scale to new markets.

  • 11

    Connect with potential new clients with CEMEX network.

  • 12

    Connect with industry & Technology Experts..

  • 13

    Prepare for investment rounds and connect with investors.

  • 14

    Follow-on investment..

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