Loris provides WiFi connectivity, security, safety, and automatic data capture to industrial job sites using portable, battery-powered, light-towers.

Loris bridges the gap between the field and the office. In the field Loris empowers job site workers with a safer, portable, cost-effective, and green solution for lighting. In the office, Loris allows GCs to instantly set up WiFi, deploy a robust security system to prevent theft, automatically capture job site data, and do virtual job site walks.

Our portable, battery-powered light towers last up to a month (and are easily recharged), replace string lights (expensive, dangerous, and wasteful), blanket job sites in WiFi (with our custom mesh network), provide security (using motion sensors, cameras, and AI), and automatically capture 360° photos and job site data. Beacons and services are deployed instantly upon delivery so job sites can reduce time and costs.

San Francisco, United States

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