Harcourt Technologies Ltd

Our vision is to use 3DCP to develop and deliver sustainable construction systems that harness the potential of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Harcourt Technologies Ltd (HTL.tech) is a 3D construction printing (3DCP) technology and service provider in the UK and Ireland. Our vision is to use 3DCP to develop sustainable building solutions, harnessing the benefits of advanced manufacturing technology to provide cheaper, higher quality structures, faster and more reliably, whilst mitigating the environmental impact of the associated construction activities. Our mission is to design, develop, and deliver innovative building methodologies and integrated construction solutions for niche and general construction applications. We aim to disrupt the traditional construction sector to expedite the delivery of structures to meet the demands of the current eco-economic and social paradigms. With our specialist team of engineers, architects, construction technologists and material scientists, we have developed a deployable construction detailing package tailored for 3DCP which is compliant with UK building regulations. In collaboration with CEMEX Global R&D Switzerland, and via our R&D and testing facility in Ireland, we have carried out the necessary testing to facilitate the first European application of 3D printable concrete in a structural capacity.

Dublin, Ireland

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