Genda automates construction workforce management by generating and analyzing real-time project data.

Genda is a digital assistant for field teams. We provide project teams with real time visibility on plan, labor and equipment without having to walk all over the job site. We show the stuff most humans can’t actually see all at once. And we do it without wearable hardware, maintenance, or heavy material costs.

Using disposable Bluetooth sensors installed on site and a smartphone app, we are able to provide project teams with detailed, real time visibility and clarity on what’s happening on site. We monitor site resources in real time like labor, and equipment, gathering key data every minute of the day. We then analyze that data to understand what activities are happening on site to reduce waste, optimize operations, reduce risks and support site safety. The data then helps companies create benchmarks to inform future projects, trade submittals, and project planning.

Austin, TX, United States. Tel Aviv, Israel

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