GembaPro is a next-gen interactive training software for construction & mining workers helping heavy industries close $2.5T productivity gap

GembaPro is an interactive training software for equipment operators in heavy industries created to tackle $480B annual productivity losses in industrial companies driven by major skilled labor shortage to help companies upskill people at scale. GembaPro keeps learners engaged with interactive 3D-simulations and video lessons, enabling them to master the equipment and acquire skills for safe and productive work. At the same time we digitize training records and provide insights into skill gaps enabling mining managers to plan their training strategy and save time on paperwork. The company is led by a founding team of Google, McKinsey, BCG and Alchemist alumni with cross-domain expertise. GembaPro has been successfully with top-20 global mining companies to help them propel forward their reskilling programs, nurture the new generation of workers and improve both safety and uptime.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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