Flexcavo automates workflows for contractors and rental companies through an end-to-end software solution for machinery, people and materials.

Flexcavo is on a mission to help construction firms to unleash their full potential by accessing and connecting technology with construction equipment. The construction industry is a big market opportunity with EUR 10tn of global spend per year, employing 7% of the global workforce and growing steadily, but it has tremendous challenges to deliver on these numbers. Among the most critical challenges are the limited profitability of the sector, a sluggish productivity development and a major environmental impact in terms of resource consumption and emissions. The unit of production of the industry is the construction site, where 3 factors of production create the value: people, materials and machines. Flexcavo solves the problems of low profitability, low productivity and high environmental impact of the industry by focusing on the construction machines ecosystem. We have identified that the machinery lifecycle within construction firms and rental companies is broken.

At Flexcavo we digitize, simplify and automate workflows for construction and rental firms by means of FlexcavoOS, our SaaS solution for machinery owners. FlexcavoOS is a fleet management solution that reduces costs by streamlining internal supply chain processes end-to-end. FlexcavoOS focuses on 5 core functionality categories:

  1. Digitizing of workflows e.g., machinery cost allocation by projects and elimination of paper-based delivery slips
  2. Back office streamlining e.g., consolidation of financial, technical, legal and machinery master data in a central repository
  3. Machinery usage optimization e.g., centralized planning and scheduling and digital repair and maintenance workflows
  4. Digital disposition e.g., prevention of machinery assignation errors to wrong job sites and loss or theft of assets through real-time GPS tracking
  5. OEM-agnostic telematics tracking e.g., for controlling of operating conditions and reduction of operating costs and improved logistics planning

With this end-to-end approach, construction firms drive substantial impact by realising large cost savings, lower CO2 emissions and reduced administrative tasks for team members on the construction site, the yard and headquarter.

Berlin, Germany

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