Exodigo is the new gold standard for non-intrusive discovery.

Every year, companies and governments spend more than $100 billion on excavation and drilling to discover what’s underground. But the maps they rely on are incomplete and inaccurate, leading to spiraling costs from change orders and redesigns, wasted time and labor, and unnecessary machinery use – and in the worst cases, avoidable damage to our planet and even loss of life. This problem affects countless industries from construction, utilities, and transportation to mining and archaeology.

At Exodigo, we believe the future of discovery is non-intrusive. We are creating the gold standard of non-intrusive discovery through proprietary AI deployed on multi-sensor technology. Our approach fuses data from the most advanced sensors in multiple fields of physics to create a clear picture of the underground without disturbing the earth; it’s like combining an MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound into one image that provides a single source of truth for what lies beneath. Having precise, complete knowledge enables our customers to accelerate project delivery, which provides compounding ROI through time and cost savings and increased safety and sustainability during the lifespan of the project.

Our team has decades of experience in signal processing and AI from elite Israeli army intelligence units and is backed by top VC and industry investors.

San Jose, USA

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