Epic Cleantec

Epic Cleantec provides onsite water reuse solutions for the built environment, helping owners save on utility expenses while conserving water.

Buildings globally use 14% of all potable water, but very few buildings reuse that water. Epic Cleantec is on a mission to change that.

Epic Cleantec (or “Epic”) is a full-service water technology company that deploys onsite water treatment and reuse systems into individual buildings or groups of buildings, converting building wastewater (greywater, blackwater, stormwater, rainwater) into highly purified treated water for non-potable applications like toilet flushing, irrigation, cooling towers, and laundry.

Occupying a small footprint within a project, the Epic approach can reuse up to 95% of a building’s wastewater, lowering water and wastewater costs by up to six figures annually. Unique to Epic is that our systems can also incorporate full resource recovery by converting wastewater organics into carbon-rich soil products for landscaping and gardening, and recovering wastewater heat energy to preheat the potable water supply, reducing a project’s hot water energy needs by up to 30%. Our innovative approach can help earn up to 24 LEED points.

Born out of initial work with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Epic provides a one-stop-shop for design, engineering, permitting, construction support, and ongoing operations. Our team has decades of experience across the wastewater and built environment value chain, with expertise in wastewater treatment and solids handling technology, project financing, policy, and operations.

Epic has been featured widely in prominent publications including CNBC, CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times, CBS, Bloomberg, NBC Bay Area, ABC7, TechCrunch, and more. Epic has received many accolades, including in the no.1 spot on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list in the small company category. In 2022, Epic’s OneWater™ system was named a TIME Best Invention of the Year.

San Francisco, CA, United States

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