EMerald Geomodelling

EMerald Geomodelling is dedicated to revealing ground conditions through AI to enable sustainable infrastructure planning with reduced geological risk.

EMerald Geomodelling is a tech company dedicated to revealing unknown ground conditions, helping large infrastructure projects to reduce geological risk and the need for intrusive ground investigations. With airborne geoscanning and machine learning, we provide the missing link between complex geophysical and sparse geotechnical data. We provide full 3D coverage with quantified precision. Established in 2019, EMerald is based on 10 years of Research, Development and Innovation at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute. Our technology and method are proven in large scale projects since 2009. We mapped all planned rail infrastructure in Norway for the coming 16 years, all in one summer. We examined 90 km of road in 5 days. Our customers save time and money – Nye Veier saved 25 million USD, reducing drilling by 30%. We have provided models along hundreds of km planned railway in Brazil.

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