Dextall introduces a groundbreaking solution combining Dextall Studio software and prefabricated exterior walls to transform mid to high-rise building projects.

Dextall offers an innovative solution that revolves around its Dextall Studio software and prefabricated exterior wall products. The core innovation Dextall provides can be summarized as follows:

Innovation: Dextall has introduced a comprehensive approach to streamline and revolutionize the design, construction, and sustainability aspects of mid to high-rise building projects. The key components of this innovation are:

Dextall Studio Software: Dextall Studio is a groundbreaking design assist software that integrates the entire architectural process, connecting design, fabrication, and construction seamlessly. It powers façade innovation by optimizing and utilizing data effectively. Cost is known from day one and various analytics and design options are available.

Reduced Concept-to-Installation Timelines: Dextall’s approach radically reduces the time it takes to move from project conception to installation. With instantaneous data available on an integrated basis, Dextall accelerates project delivery, achieving more than an 80% reduction in project timelines.

Empowering Sustainability: Dextall is committed to accelerating environmental decarbonization by offering affordable and efficient solutions for sustainable construction. It promotes sustainability as a core aspect of everyday life, making it accessible and affordable to all.

Cost Efficiency: Dextall’s innovation results in significant cost savings, with exterior installation being 80% faster and costing 15-20% less than traditional onsite construction. It also requires far less onsite labor, leading to lower insurance costs and reduced machinery requirements.

Sustainable Building Practices: Dextall’s approach exceeds energy code standards by 40%, reduces carbon emissions during the construction process, and minimizes materials waste. It offers consistent thermal and vapor barrier quality and features high R-Value Wall Systems (R-17 to R-27) to enhance occupant well-being.

Efficiency and Affordability: Through automation, cost optimization, and transparent practices, Dextall bridges the gap between the design of prefabricated exteriors and final exterior-wall construction. This results in an efficient BIM solution with faster design processes, reduced exterior wall coordination timelines, and the fastest exterior solution for renovations. It’s also cost-effective, with lower construction costs and reduced labor requirements.

Sustainability Focus: Dextall’s solution promotes energy efficiency and is suitable for Passive House and Net Zero projects, emphasizing a commitment to long-term economic, social, and environmental value for clients.

In summary, Dextall’s innovation revolves around its Dextall Studio software and prefabricated exterior wall products, offering a comprehensive solution that accelerates project timelines, reduces costs, and promotes sustainability in the construction industry. This innovative approach bridges the gap between design and construction, making it more efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly.

New York, NY, United States

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