Conox, LLC has developed processes to use waste concrete as a raw material for the production of glass products.

Conox, LLC has developed and patented processes for melting waste concrete into traditional glass products. This proprietary process adds a high value use of recycled concrete and provides the glass industry with a new, low greenhouse gas raw materials.

Additionally, Conox, LLC has proprietary processes for the production of highly effective glass abrasives and blended glass abrasives from waste concrete. The blended glass abrasives cut twenty-five to forty percent faster than traditional glass abrasives providing a vertically integrated patent protected process for producing high value products from waste concrete.

Conox, LLC has also demonstrated that crushed concrete may be added into traditional glass furnaces for the production of conventional glass products such as glass containers, float glass, or glass fibers to reduce greenhouse gas production from these processes.

Richmond, Virginia, USA

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