comstruct is the data platform for material procurement in the construction industry connecting construction companies and their material suppliers.

With comstruct, construction companies and their material suppliers can share all information via one channel. We help them gain an overview of the multitude of analog documents and individual portal- and EDI-solutions. Instead of creating additional isolated applications, comstruct transfers all information and documents directly into the existing systems where they are really needed – without individual negotiations and complex development projects.

With comstruct construction companies receive all delivery notes from their suppliers directly in their systems to facilitate processes such as reporting and invoice checking. comstruct also helps to utilize supplier data. For example, we can automate invoice checking by automatically comparing invoices and delivery notes, or create delivery data-based CO2 evaluations of construction projects. Using comstruct, construction companies can not only receive data but also send orders digitally to their suppliers and directly use all information of their BIM and planning software.

Berlin, Germany

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