Carbon Biocapture

Carbon Capture as a Service to remove CO2, SOx, and NOx from point-source emissions using native microalgae strains to grow valuable biomass in high-efficiency patented photobioreactors.
Carbon BioCapture® technology uses adapted native microalgae strains to strip CO2 from industrial flue gases and is unique in that flue gas pre-treatment is not required: emissions are simply diverted from the stack. Adapted native microalgae strains grown in closed vertical photobioreactors metabolize CO2 as well as SOx and NOx. Microalgae synthesize proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides directly from CO2 and water using sunlight, are highly adaptive and are found in all freshwater and saltwater environments. The resulting biomass is a valuable feedstock for fuel, feed, food, and pharma. Cement, steel, and energy are critical to maintaining humankind’s standard of living and reducing global poverty. Point-source emissions from cement kilns and blast furnaces are inevitable and fossil fuels provide the lion’s share of the world’s energy. As a result, not only carbon but also SOx and NOx are released into the atmosphere. Direct Air Capture (DAC) cannot address this problem and carbon capture and storage (CCS) only buries the problem.

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