bobbie is the leanest procurement platform and marketplace for commercial building materials.

bobbie is the digital building materials trade. Contemporary, efficient and transparent!

Building materials procurement made simple! bobbie sees itself as a service provider for the construction site. We bring customer and manufacturer together in the most efficient way.

In addition to the classic services of the building materials trade (invoicing, logistics, matchmaking), we can also do all this digitally and cost-effectively with 15% better prices.
At our building materials counter, our e-commerce store, our customer can easily and intelligently filter, sort and order building materials from a constantly growing number of manufacturers – all prices (including freight!) and availabilities are available in real time.

In the tender business, it is possible for bobbie to process and price any tender format. It is important to us not to interrupt the digital data chain, but rather to support it and enrich it with valuable and relevant product information. We not only take care of the procurement of building materials, but also support you in your internal purchasing, calculation and controlling processes. Our service team is at hand for managing even the alrgest construction sites, all supported with digital tooling.

All our actions are completely transparent and based on a fixed margin concept. We do not take bonuses from our manufacturers and are not margin maximisers. We see ourselves as a service provider to the construction industry! That is what bobbie guarantees with its name!

Everything digital, everything efficient and especially honest!

Aachen & Munich, Germany

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