ARC Build

ARCbuild builds the hyper sustainable off-grid, prefab steel modular homes with a full suit of clean technology options.

ARCbuild – Affordable Resilient Communities.
Introducing ARCbuild’s grid-independent innovative building systems ARCbuild’s proprietary manufacturing and controlled global logistics processes utilize innovative, rapidly assembled, prefabricated steel modular building systems easily shipped anywhere in the world.
These homes are the most sustainable product available on the market today, each one integrated with a full suite of clean technology options making them 100% off-grid with independent power and water supply. This allows the homes to be built in any location remote or otherwise.

Our mission is to provide affordable, prefabricated modular homes powered by a full suite of clean technology options globally. With ARCbuild’s innovative building systems, we can build multiple disaster-resistant homes in 30-90 days, up to 50% cheaper, and 100% off-grid with independent solar power, advanced clean water supply, advanced grey-water recycling, and advanced wastewater systems.

With a team of experienced serial entrepreneurs and operators, ARCbuild (Affordable Resilient Communities) will [1] help close the housing affordability gap, making home ownership a reality once again, and [2] help build communities of affordable smart homes with clean technology. We have prototypes of affordable homes in the U.S., as well as affordable homes in Mexico, and are getting started to scale globally. We believe in building long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders.

Real Estate, Construction, Clean Technology, Smart Cities, and PropTech redefined.

San Monica, California - Mexico City, Mexico

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