construction startup
A platform that learns how previous construction projects performed to predict the outcomes of future projects




At nPlan, they are building the world’s first system to understand construction project planning.

They make heavy use of machine learning to predict outcomes of construction projects before the first shovel hits the ground. Their vision is that all construction projects should be built on time and budget, through a better understanding of plan outcomes. They are bringing certainty of the outcome to the industry, plan first.

Over the last decade, profits from the construction sector have been eroded due to the poor identification of risk and predictability of outcomes, leading to a stagnation of productivity across the whole sector. New developments in machine learning can enable the construction sector to break through this barrier.

Imagine if you could predict the outcomes of any project before you even begin and use that information to provide insight and assurance. Once this is possible, they can offer “certainty-as-a-service”​ to project owners, insurers, financiers, and Governments.

They will eliminate the crippling effects of poor planning and create a world where we’ve de-risked building infrastructure, enabling the construction of better buildings to help us live better lives.