Our companies are ahead of the industry in fostering the construction revolution around the globe.

Jelp is the most trusted link between home improvement professionals and homeowners.

Ipsum is a collaborative platform for managing engineering and construction projects based on Lean- BIM technologies.

SAALG provides the first and only software that uses machine learning algorithms to empower the entire construction value chain.

PRYSMEX offers a solution capable of detecting and helping to prevent workplace accidents through the Internet of Things and real-time data collection.

StructionSites creates digital worksite models through 360º cameras that provide data to its software, which digitalizes and documents worksite progress.

LINKX, a company that offers specialized software to optimize goods delivery. The company’s software solution allows control of deliveries and vehicles in real time, allowing for data-based decision-making and facilitating communication and information among all involved parties.

Energy Vault, an Idealab company that has developed a transformative technology to store energy.

GoFor helps customers to solve the challenge of delivering building materials, allowing its customers to execute quickly through a very intuitive platform and the right selection of delivery vehicle according to the requested load.

X3 Builders is a vertically integrated general contractor that combines architectural design, material procurement, and construction services using in-house software to provide clients with a one-stop solution.

Artificial gravel produced 100% from recycled plastics, ten times better insulator and three times lighter than mineral gravel