What are the requirements for winning Construction Startup Competition 2020?

Check the requirements needed to be a winner and get a step closer to leading the construction revolution.

The search for startups looking to change the construction industry as we know it is ON! For the past weeks CEMEX Ventures, Ferrovial, Hilti, VINCI Group´s Leonard and NOVA by Saint-Gobain have been actively searching for entrepreneurs that solve one, or more, of the challenges in the construction sector identified by all of them. But what attributes must the participating startups fulfill in order to become a winner in Construction Startup Competition 2020?

Look at this checklist and if your startup fits into the description, you might be the missing piece the five players are looking for!

  • You offer a solution that solves one of the opportunity areas identified by the five players hosting Construction Startup Competition:
    • Project design and engineering
    • Supply chain management
    • Digital solutions for project and jobsite management
    • Innovative construction methods and materials
    • Smart buildings and cities
  • Your solution is innovative, technological and sustainable, aimed at bettering the construction industry.

The host companies will also evaluate:

  1. Your startup´s potential for growth in your current market, and others where expansion is feasible
  2. The scalability of your business model and how it fits into one of the five companies´ current business units
  3. Your startup´s worth and previous participation in investment rounds
  4. Your team´s abilities, knowledge and commitment to your business

If you think you have what it takes to foster innovation and change in the construction industry, apply before July 26! Winners will be announced on November 5 and the benefits that await will surely be a great push for your business. Besides being declared one of the winners of Construction Startup Competition 2020, many opportunities will pop-up afterwards that will benefit your business. Yet, some of the perks you´ll enjoys as a winning startup are:

  • Being closer to becoming part of CEMEX Ventures, Ferrovial, Hilti, VINCI Group´s Leonard or NOVA by Saint-Gobain´s investment portfolio
  • Present your solution in front of a selected audience of investors and industry leaders during Builtworlds Venture Conference in Chicago (all expenses paid)
  • During the conference, you´ll participate in a Speed Dating round where you´ll have one-on-one meetings with relevant industry players and have short conversations about your solution in order to explore potential ways of collaboration.
  • Have access to an important network of business contacts from top industry leading companies
  • Receive mentoring for your startup

Construction Startup Competition has become one of the biggest competitions in the Contech industry worldwide. With all the incredible opportunities the fourth edition offers, starting by the union of five key players, you do not want to miss the opportunity to participate.

Are you the missing piece? Apply here!