What are the requirements for winning Construction Startup Competition 2019?

  • Construction Startups

On the 19th of February we launched the Construction Startup Competition 2019, the biggest global challenge for construction entrepreneurs. We are looking for startups which offer solutions that effectively tackle the challenges faced by the construction industry; ambitious companies poised to innovate this industry and spearhead its transformation.

The main criteria used to select the winners of the Construction Startup Competition 2019 are:

  • Construction ecosystem We evaluate whether the startup offers an innovative and technological solution, focused on the construction industry.
  • Our approach The startup must be able to tackle at least one of our 6 focus areas, or, alternatively, they must be able to offer a solution for one of the construction industry’s pain points.
  • Fit into CEMEX We evaluate whether or not the startup will fit in strategically with CEMEX, and, as well as assessing the disruptive technologies that they bring to the table, we will also determine the way in which they will boost CEMEX’s value proposition.
  • Presence in CEMEX countries. Their presence in the countries in which CEMEX operates will be valued positively, nonetheless, startups which offer the possibility of breaking into new markets will also be considered favourably.

In addition to the technical aspects and the startup’s vision, the following will also be taken into consideration:

  • The startup’s worth and the investment rounds which they have participated in.
  • The scalability of the business model in the construction industry.
  • The team, their abilities and commitment.
  • Their target market where they have a competitive advantage and potential for growth.

You can participate in the Construction Startup Competition 2019 until the 21st of April. Complete the registration form on our web page and get ready to make your mark on the construction industry.

The participants who best meet these criteria will be declared the winners of the Construction Startup Competition and they will be able to take advantage of the offer which has been specifically designed for this challenge:

  • Networking with some of the main international companies. The chance to present their startup to experts in the field of construction, technology and investment, alongside other disciplines at our Pitchday.
  • The winners of the competition will be invited to present their projects in Mexico. We will cover all of the travel and accommodation expenses for this event. All you have to do is come ready to amaze us with your solution.
  • All of the winners will have the chance to form part of our investment portfolio. If you are still not sure of what these benefits include you can check them out here. They are sure to surprise you.

The Construction Startup Competition has become somewhat of a point of reference for innovation in the construction industry, bringing together hundreds of startups which offer solutions which help to tackle the main challenges faced by this industry.