Key figures of Construction Startup Competition 2019

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On February 19th we launched the third edition of Construction Startup Competition, a challenge aimed at entrepreneurs and startups seeking to innovate in the construction sector and lead the transformation of our industry. Apply before April 21st!

TOP numbers of Construction Startup Competition 2019

For the second consecutive year, the number of entrepreneurs exceeds the previous year, participation has grown by 101,2% and the countries with the largest number of applications are Mexico, United States, Colombia, Spain and United Kingdom. When evaluating the projects received in the last weeks we identified numerous solutions that have a close relationship with our focus areas, the most common are:

  • Project & jobsite management: Improve productivity, efficiency and quality in management of projects and jobsites.
  • Project design & engineering: Optimize the process of design and specification of construction projects with innovative solutions for their design, engineering and planning. Provide the industry with adequate techniques and tools to maximize the efficiency and quality of a construction project.
  • Innovative building materials & construction methods: Build with the materials and methods of the future. Upgrade the way the industry works with smart materials, innovative construction methods and new technologies that empower cheaper, faster and better performing developments.
  • Supply chain management: Foster the revolution of the construction industry by optimizing the sources of resources, fleet tracking and inventory management.

By evaluating the participant startups, we explore how the most fresh and innovative technologies are applied to drive the revolution in the construction industry. The technologies most used by the participants are:

  • Data management solutions
  • IoT & sensors
  • Marketplaces    
  • Prefab & offsite solutions

With results as positive as this, we enhance our efforts to drive the revolution of our industry. We understand that leading this revolution is much more than investing and for that reason, at CEMEX Ventures we work to build a journey towards the success of the best solutions. We provide startups with access to marketing and geographic expansion, as well as expert advice and access to influential players in this industry, as well as the benefits of CEMEX unrivaled global and local network.

The winners of Construction Startup Competition 2019 will have the opportunity to access:

  • Pitchday 2019. The winners of the competition will be invited to pitch their projects in Mexico. Do you know why we have chosen this location? We will take care of travel and lodging expenses. You just have to get ready to surprise the audience with your solution!
  • Deep analysis with the CEMEX Ventures team. During your stay in Mexico you will have a 1:1 meeting with the CEMEX Ventures team to explore your solution, your needs and explore the best way to achieve the success of your startup.
  • Networking.  The visibility and reach of your startup will be push forward with Construction Startup Competition, since the main companies at international level will be invited to meet the winning startups of the competition on Pitchday. The public attending Pitchday 2019, will be experts and curious in construction, technology, and investment among other disciplines.
  • CEMEX Ventures’ portfolio. All the winners will be one step closer to being part of our investment portfolio. If you don’t know the benefits of being part of it, here you can take look, It will surprise you!

Do you want to make your mark in the construction industry? You are in time to apply for Construction Startup Competition 2019. More information here: