Five is the magic number

Construction Startup Competition 2020 fosters collaboration and innovation with the union of five industry leaders

People enjoy being united and coming together to celebrate something in common! For example, many sports tournaments gather thousands of fans in stadiums, arenas and in front of TVs to watch the games in different seasons. Yet, every four years, no matter languages, cultures or time zone, the five continents come together to celebrate the Olympic games. No matter your local team, during that summer, you are rooting for your country. It is an unmatched feeling to sport´s fans around the world.

Can this sense of union be achieved in the construction industry? YES-IT-CAN!

Collaboration is the key!

There is no secret formula to success. Yet, one thing is sure: many great things have been achieved when strong players join forces to work together for a common good. This year´s edition of Construction Startup Competition is a perfect reflection of this statement. Five industry leaders have come together to challenge five paradigms around the construction industry that have been haunting it for years. It´s said that construction is not technological enough, very time consuming, expensive, not innovative and have very little collaborations within the industry.

CEMEX Ventures, Ferrovial, Hilti, Vinci Group´s Leonard and Nova by Saint-Gobain want to break the status quo of the construction industry and push for startups that want to revolutionize the sector with them. By coming together on the fourth edition of Construction Startup Competition, what these five companies bring to the table is a mix of extreme industry knowledge and hunger for innovation.

Five leaders, five opportunities

In the spirit of collaboration, the first order of business for the five companies hosting Construction Startup Competition 2020 was defining what areas needed more attention in the industry. With their expertise in multiple areas, they still recognized there are missing pieces in the construction value chain.

Together, they identified five opportunity areas where startups can submit their technological and innovative solutions:

  • project design and engineering
  • supply chain management
  • digital solutions for project and jobsite management
  • innovative construction methods and materials
  • smart buildings and cities

For emerging startups, having the possibility to collaborate hand in hand with well-known companies, that also offer a global perspective, will broaden their horizons and push them to work into their projects even further. Moreso, CEMEX Ventures, Ferrovial, Hilti, Vinci Group´s Leonard and Nova by Saint-Gobain believe that to promote innovation in the industry, working alongside participating startups will be the key.

Five global leaders in the construction industry are looking for you! Think you have what it takes to be in the competition? Participate in Construction Startup Competition 2020 and become a leader in the construction revolution! More information on LINK.