CEMEX Ventures restyling: a path to reinforce the construction revolution

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We are excited to announce the evolution of CEMEX Ventures brand, website and focus areas. After two years of fostering the revolution in the construction ecosystem, we feel it’s time to intensify the value we provide to our industry, by strengthening our Focus, Offer and Brand.

In this way, we have redefined our Focus Areas from 4 to 6 to ensure that all the relevant challenges of our ecosystem are covered. After many interaction with the key global players of the construction industry, deep evaluations of the ecosystem and two years of experience in the Corporate Venture Capital arena, we continue exploring the best solutions to solve the everyday pain points and challenges of the construction industry. 

We have also enriched our offer to our investments to ensure we build together a journey towards success supported by commercialization, expansion, as well as CEMEX Ventures knowledge of construction, technology and investment.

With all this, our logo and brand colors, have evolved to embody the evolution of the construction industry and its stakeholders. This restyling counts on a little part of each person on our multidisciplinary team that is expanding to other destinations, and above all, we expect it represents the key players of the industry: entrepreneurs, startups, entities and universities that have had a relationship with us.

We continue to be CEMEX Ventures fostering the construction revolution by engaging with the relevant stakeholders. Now, we continue with a refreshed brand and even bigger goals.