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  • Leading companies from sectors such as banking, entrepreneurship, and investing are also included in this list.
  • CEMEX Ventures continues to position CEMEX as one of the most innovative actors in the construction industry for its commitment to construction startups.

Monterrey, Mexico. OCTOBER 17, 2019 – CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’S Corporate Venture Capital and open innovation unit, was selected for the second consecutive year as one of the most relevant investors in the construction ecosystem in BuiltWorlds’ 2019 Venture Investors 50 List. BuiltWorlds is one of the main networks committed to improve the future of construction through technology and innovation by bringing together investors, startups, innovators and technology leaders.

Featuring 50 companies, the list includes two categories depending on the structure of the investor: Venture Capital and Corporate Venture Capital. CEMEX Ventures was selected for the Venture Capital category, in which it stands out for offering much more than economic investment to startups. CEMEX Ventures was also recognized for promoting commercialization and expansion, offering access to CEMEX global network, and providing expert support in business, technology, and construction disciplines.

In this way, BuiltWorlds has valued CEMEX Ventures very positively, making it a participant in numerous events and publications. Throughout the year, Gonzalo Galindo, CEO of CEMEX Ventures, has participated in numerous conferences where he has addressed investment trends in the construction industry. In addition, he has participated in numerous round tables, where industry achievements and next steps were discussed.

CEMEX Ventures serves as a strategic investment vehicle that brings innovative new concepts to CEMEX and explores the day-to-day challenges of the construction industry. CEMEX Ventures activates numerous ways to nurture its investment portfolio, which offers the best startups to solve inefficiencies from a technological and innovative standpoint. Its media recognition, growing portfolio of 10 startups across the construction value chain, and great participation in its 2019 Construction Startup Competition keep both CEMEX and CEMEX Ventures at the forefront of innovation, driving the construction revolution.