• The competition concludes with four times the number of participants’ projects compared to the 2017 competition, including the best solutions to today’s global construction challenges.
  • The seven finalists from six different nations will negotiate with CEMEX Ventures for access to its investment portfolio.

MADRID, SPAIN. JULY 31, 2018 – CEMEX Ventures commemorates #CXVPitchday, the closing of its 2018 Construction Startup Competition, in which seven finalists presented their projects. The startups that made it to the end offered several diverse solutions based on the four operational focal points of CEMEX’s corporate venture capital unit.

Launched in April, the competition challenged the most promising startups to become leaders of the construction revolution. Focused on the ConstruTech space, all of these startups competed to lead the construction revolution and gain access to CEMEX Ventures’ investment portfolio. This challenge called for an exhaustive analysis, with evaluation criteria based on the level of innovation, the escalating potential, and the solution offered to the construction industry.

The finalists from Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States were invited to a three-day stay in Madrid. At the center of this event, a jury comprised of multidisciplinary industry experts evaluated these entrepreneurs’ projects. The event included construction, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial leaders.

The “Best Pitch” prize was awarded to Geopipe, a U.S.-based startup that uses Machine Learning to create copies of urban reality and generate digital models. In any case, all of the finalists’ projects continued negotiations with CEMEX Ventures for access to its investment portfolio.

The jury evaluated projects including Knowify, which focuses on maximizing contractor productivity; Licify, which platform facilitates biddings; and disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data from Smart Build Asia. Airsquire showcased its plan verification tool; while Handaz presented its tool to convert CAD plans into BIM models. From Mexico, Os City featured its crowd-sourced Artificial Intelligence platform, developed for smart cities.

Both the jury and the event’s visitors came from large construction, technology, innovation, and market analysis companies. They all agreed that, in addition to the finalists, all of the participants’ projects provided CEMEX Ventures with a constant flow of new business models, prioritizing the best solutions to the challenges of the construction industry.