CEMEX Ventures brings together industry players from the construction sector in Spain in its “We Speak Construction” workshop

CEMEX Ventures is pioneering a new workshop, “We Speak Construction”, a gathering for construction professionals and other relevant stakeholders to exchange ideas on the industry’s problems and needs.

Several construction and investment companies, entrepreneurs and experts in innovation attended the event which began its discussion by determining the problem areas regarding the lack of coordination between different parties who intervene along the value chain, BIM implementation and the emergence of new building methods.

With regard to the construction phase, and more specifically regarding the need to improve coordination between different groups, they reached several conclusions including those related to the lack of information and transparency and their affect on automating coordination processes.

We Speak Construction Spain

Regarding the operation phase and asset utilisation, they highlighted problems in accessing information and using the necessary technology in addition to problems of organisation. Although they recognised a lack of awareness on part of the user, they also insisted that some technological innovations are not user-friendly.  Furthermore, in addition to insufficient detail on materials, an unawareness around maintenance costs for products means that investment is made in unprofitable products.

As a result of this first session, a list of 107 challenges covering all construction phases was compiled. After grouping the most voted by area, their place in the chain was defined and links between the different phases were sought. Another challenge to be highlighted is that BIM methodology can be a potential solution for many problems but using it correctly is a challenge in itself.

After this initial contact, CEMEX Ventures proposes reaching out to other companies in the sector so they can join the second session of “We Speak Construction” which will take place shortly.

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