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  • This agreement seeks to drive generation of new business models and relationships with new key players in the real estate development and construction ecosystems.
  • CEMEX Ventures remains open to new collaboration agreements with experts and leading companies in the construction, entrepreneurship, and new technologies sectors.

MADRID, SPAIN. NOVEMBER 2018 – CEMEX Ventures, CEMEX’s Corporate Venture Capital unit, announced today that it signed a collaboration agreement with NEINOR Homes, a leading real estate developer in Spain. Both CEMEX Ventures and NEINOR Homes have agreed to establish mutual synergies to improve the construction and real estate development industries.

CEMEX Ventures and NEINOR Homes are committed to share their areas expertise to foster innovation in their industries. Thus, both companies should gain greater coverage across the construction industry’s value chain and will expand the scope of services in sectors led by the other party.

By giving visibility to startups of which they have knowledge and could be of potential interest for the other party, CEMEX Ventures and NEINOR Homes will facilitate the search for and implementation of innovative ideas and solutions. By strengthening the exchange of new business models, entrepreneurs will have access to a greater number of investors to support their solution.

The signatories of the agreement, leaders of their sectors, share the ambition to create a network that, in words of Gonzalo Galindo, CEO of CEMEX Ventures, “are needed because to digitalize the industry, one must work with the main players of the construction ecosystem.” This enables the construction of a community of experts comprised of leading companies in the construction industry. Moreover, CEMEX Ventures and NEINOR Homes will share agendas and events organized by the other party, plan events together, and participate in events organized by each company.

Juan Velayos, Managing Director of NEINOR Homes, said, “This agreement with CEMEX Ventures is a natural step for two companies that share a DNA of innovation, transformation, and constant improvement of the sector. CEMEX Ventures’ vision, more oriented towards building materials and construction, together with our developer focus, will allow us to continue focusing on a collaborative, cohesive, and transparent vision of all the real estate development value chain, because we are convinced that this teamwork will be the true engine of the sector transformation.”

The new relationships of each company with different entities from the other party will strengthen their relations within the construction ecosystem, as well as the entrepreneurship, innovation, and new technologies sectors. This agreement, renewable in one year, invites these entities to continue to foster the revolution of the industry.

About CEMEX Ventures

Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures leverages CEMEX’s knowledge of the business with new, leading-edge technologies and platforms, focusing on solving the main challenges in the construction ecosystem through sustainable solutions. CEMEX Ventures has created an open, collaborative platform to lead the construction industry’s revolution, engaging startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and other stakeholders to tackle current challenges in the industry and shape tomorrow’s value ecosystem. For more information on CEMEX Ventures, please visit: www.cemexventures.com.

About NEINOR Homes

NEINOR Homes leads real estate development in Spain with one of the largest finalist soil bank, valued in more than 1,600 million euros, and an area close to 1.5 million square meters for the development of new housing in Spain. With a track record of almost 30 years developing housing, the company reached a new dimension on March 29th, 2017, with its introduction to the Mercado Continuo Español Stock Exchange, in which it was de largest IPO undertaken by a housing developer in Europe. NEINOR Homes continues to lead the transformation of the sector by focusing its daily activities on three key pillars: institutionalization, product, and client.


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