Arqlite: It´s great to work with big brands who are constantly innovating and supporting startups

Check out this interview with Sebastian Sajoux, CEO & Founder of Arqlite. The Argentinian startup, winner of Construction Startup Competition 2019, developed a proprietary process to transform unrecycled plastics into highly efficient construction materials.

What makes Arqlite´s solution different to others in the industry?

“Our technology differs from others because we are capable of recycling complex plastics, like laminated, aluminized, even degraded plastics that have been captured from the ocean. We can turn these plastics into very light gravel that can be used as an aggregate for light concretes, drainage systems, precast, filtering, and water remediations.

The most important thing is that all these markets are huge. So we have developed a large scale solution for a large-scale problem.”

Sebastian Sajoux remembers fondly his journey in the Construction Startup Competition of last year, highlighting that it helped Arqlite meet new people and begin networking with the Contech ecosystem.

How did being a finalist in Construction Startup Competition 2019 helped your business?

“For Arqlite, being part of the startup competition was very important because working together and being validated by a company like CEMEX Ventures helps us open new doors, and helps the brand, which is still small, get to other big companies who are more open to receive us and hear about our proposal.”

Check out Sebastian´s entire interview in the video above.

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