A requirement for construction startups: industry experience and an entrepreneurial spirit

CEMEX Ventures is constantly on the lookout for new startups which are focused on construction, and which aspire to be the driving force behind this industry’s revolution. We use different assessment and prioritisation criteria to enable us to classify these solutions, and position them in our investment funnel. Out of all of the assessment criteria, the one aspect that we consider to be of the utmost importance is the experience of the startup. So, why is analysing the team such a priority?

Having a strong team that is quick to adapt, is vital in the entrepreneurial world, and even more so, in the construction world. This is an industry that has undergone very few changes in recent years, but which is now looking to revolutionise. In addition to the previously mentioned key factors, we also prioritise the following aspects:

Experience in the construction industry:

When looking for new solutions, we consider experience in the construction industry to be an almost essential value. If you have worked in any stage of the construction value chain, you will have a much better vision of the industry, therefore enabling you to identify areas for improvement. 

With an increased understanding of both the industry and standard construction practice, the solutions that entrepreneurs are able to come up with will be much more relevant when dealing with the obstacles that they have to overcome in a general workday. From jobsite management and the optimisation of the supply chain, to the use of new materials or construction methods.

Entrepreneurial experience: 

Entrepreneurial experience is a value which really helps CEMEX Ventures to prioritize one startup over another. Entrepreneurial spirit is defined as an attitude, a way of life, or even an innate ability to see opportunities and be able to make the most out of them. Another aspect which really makes an entrepreneur, is their innovative nature, their perseverance and dedication to their product, not to mention their ability to adapt their project to reality, ensuring not to lose the essence or vestige of construction. 

Startups which boast experience in both of these aspects are of great interest to us, as this makes the conversations between the entrepreneurs and CEMEX Ventures all the more fluid. This means that it is possible to define a precise and commensurate value proposition which has the potential to really revolutionise this industry. 

Having a good grasp on technology is important, however, this is not essential in order to attain a position value in the market. Nonetheless, to be able to establish a competitive advantage, awareness of how to make the most out of innovation is fundamental. Unless you have a scalable business model that allows for expansion, the technological value your project may offer will be irrelevant.

CEMEX Ventures focuses on startups whose main activity is based on any one of the six thematic focuses listed below, which have all been identified as opportunity areas in the market: 

  • Smart cities and buildings.
  • Project design and engineering.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Project and jobsite management.
  • Innovative construction materials and methods.
  • Investment and financing.

CEMEX Ventures’ portfolio includes numerous startups with experience in the construction industry and with a real entrepreneurial spirit.

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