CEMEX Ventures has lived 2017, becoming a recognized Corporate Venture Capital in the construction ecosystem, through the search for disruptive business models that change the course of the industry. Particularly notable is their ambition to complement with external talent the internal capabilities of CEMEX .

The first efforts of this 2017 have result with more than 2000 startups reviewed, many of them highlighting the application of new technologies that make construction work faster, cheaper and safer.

The CEMEX Ventures’ presence on a global scale has made it explore the entrepreneurial, innovative and technological world of the construction industry in different places. In addition, during this past year it attended specialized events all over the world, and made its first four roadshows in: United States, Israel, Silicon Valley and Singapore.

It has carried out two calls looking for projects, ideas and startups: one internally, in which it challenged all CEMEX workers. Due to their deep knowledge of the industry, they offered numerous ideas, two of them are being incubated and many others were directed to other operational areas of CEMEX for their development. The other call was external, #CXVOpenCall, with more than 450 startups and projects received, resulting on five promising finalists.

Not only does the staff and the new disruptors, that are part of CEMEX Ventures, grow, their multidisciplinary experience allows the creation of a strong team, which continues to seek out experienced entrepreneurs, to contribute their expertise and strengths, getting even more competent teams.

This 2017, in addition to closing with three investments, concludes turning CEMEX Ventures into a solid, reliable and recognized brand. Expecting in 2018 its consolidation as a leader in the detection, development and commercialization of projects that promote the construction revolution.